Mission and Vision


Our mission at One Percent Travel is to provide the traveling experiences that will make you feel happy and satisfied by showing our country and culture in a responsible way.

Our private guides provide updated information related to the archaeological sites, colonial cities, rural communities and nature observation areas.

To fulfill and exceed your expectations, we provide the most experienced and knowledgeable guides, along with the best adventure activities in a safe environment.

We are committed to your well being and responsible tourism.


At One Percent Travel we see ourselves as the leading company for private tours and excursions in Mexico, Central America and Cuba.

Our values are service and commitment to our customers needs and requirements, honest and fair dealing when hiring the local labor, contributing the fees to protected areas and visiting rural communities.

To achieve our goal we promote looking for sustainable and dignifying ways of subsistence for the native communities and small companies.


to plan your dreamed vacation in Mexico, Central America and Cuba!.